Urban Custom Bikes was founded in 2011 in Fife, WA. Our shop was built around the desire to provide a higher level of service to our clients and push the boundaries of what was possible with an American V-Twin Motorcycle. The company founders and owners, Jeremy & Jessica Ruse and Lorenzo Marr, were determined to assemble a team of individuals that would change what people thought about the independent repair facility. Our group is passionate about our craft, we are constantly striving to improve and develop our line of products and services – our goal is to be your one-stop Shop. We believe in a simple philosophy of how to run a business, constantly striving to be the best and treating our customers like they’re family. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions, feedback, or concerns. We value your input, both positive and constructive, to help us grow and improve.



The Ruse Family has been a part of the Northwest V-Twin family since 2001, we both have experience working with local dealerships and have extensive knowledge of the industry at all levels. We have always shared the goal to provide an excellent level of service to our customers, we share a passion to think against the grain and excel beyond what people think is possible. We both ride (and Race, a family obsession) and understand the needs of our fellow riders, we understand the love affair you have with your motorcycle, we both appreciate every opportunity we have to be involved in making your riding days amazing. We have two amazing children (Jacob and Justine), and an extended family of Co-Workers, friends, and customers that have made our Journey incredible, and supported our desire to build the Baddest Fastest Motorcycles in the Northwest.


Lorenzo has been a long time member of the Northwest riding Community, his passion for riding and racing is well known, it was this passion that motivated him to venture into the motorcycle business. Zo is actively involved in the riding community, he has traveled all around the country representing the NW as a rider and a racer, his skills on a Motorcycle are some of the best!


Team URBAN was built from a passion for motorcycles and a desire to make them go FAST!  We have an addiction to speed, we are constantly developing new products, our team is well versed on the latest products and techniques and we are here to support anyone with a passion for Racing.  Team URBAN Sponsors the “Pacific Raceways” Wednesday night Motorcycle Drag Race Series, we offer a “Rider Contingency” program, we are partnered with some of the biggest names in the Industry to make sure that we can keep you riding down the track Successfully.  We believe in “Grass Roots” racing, we’re here to support racers in any way that we can.  Contact us fore more information or to find out about the programs that we offer.